Wednesday November 23rd

Warm Up

3:00 Machine

Then 3 Steady Rounds

25’ Duck Walk

3 Explosive Broad Jumps

10 Unweighted Box Step Ups

15 Doubles or Singles

:15 Strength

EMOM 15 Minutes

1 Tempo Pause Back Squat

Start no heavier than 50% and only

increase weight if mechanics are sound

and full depth is achieved. (Half squats equal half results)

Tempo/Pause: 3-seconds down, 1-second

pause, stand up fast.

:35 WOD

10 Rounds
30 Double Unders
8 S-DB Step Ups 70/50lbs to 24/20″

Target Score: Sub 12 Minutes

Double Unders: Should not exceed :30 in any round or should be

modified to :30 of single unders.

– Step Ups: Reduce box height before weight. Use the heaviest weight

and highest box that allows athletes to stay unbroken.

Time Cap: 15 Minutes

:55 Cool Down

Downward Dog (Flat feet to stretch the back of ankles and legs)

Childs Pose