Wednesday November 21st

**************The 3rd Annual Bill Sheehan Turkey Sandwich 5k will be happening tomorrow morning at 8am on the suncoast trail. A lot of people show up every year. Don’t be a loser and miss it this year*************
We meet in the Suncoast Trail Parking lot at Hwy 54 and the Suncoast (Veterans) We start at 8:10 sharp. Tifton is last years champion. We mark the turnaround the night before.

Warm up
4 Rounds
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

Review the Split jerk
0-2 Minutes 10 jump and land in the split, no bar
2-4 Minutes 10 split jerks with an empty bar

Build to your heaviest split jerk from the rack. You can drop the bar after the split jerks, have your gym buddy help you re-rack it.

15 Minute Amrap
21 Cal Row
7 Split Jerks 155/105 (or push jerks)
14 Burpees over your bar