Wednesday November 13th

Warm up:
5Min Run(800m)-Bike-Row
2 Rounds:
10 Burpees
8 Knee Raises
1x Burgener Warm-up w/Empty bar

30 Minute EMOM
1 Hang Power Snatch
RX- +/-75% INT- +/-60% BEG-+/-50% OF YOUR HANG SNATCH 1RM
–Coaches Notes:–
Instead of looking at the length of this as a negative use it to your advantage to maybe go a little heavier with the movement and work on a “slow cycle” rhythm. You’ll have time to get set each lift and will have a chance to adjust the weight is needed. Tension between your hips and back will be big with this movement and the hang position. You have the option of using high, mid, or low hang as well so use what is most comfortable ORRR challenge yourself to use one you know you avoid ((yes, you there ,I see you)).

**Optional Accessory Work:**
Option 1: ((You can also use the Bike))
1 Round for Max Calories:
2 Minute Row
Rest 3 mins
1:30 Min Row
Rest 3 mins
1 Minute Row

Option 2:
Side Plank 2x 1 Minute Each Side
Rest as needed between sets.