Wednesday May 8th

4 Minutes machine to get warm

Then Coaches choice barbell warm up

We really want to spend time in the warm up working on hang power clean technique. after the warm up we want to give you enough time to build to 70 percent.


Every 2:00 minutes, 5 Sets
5 Hang Power Cleans
Perform all sets between 70-80% of 1RM Power Clean
Record Each Working Set
We want technically proficient reps and catching high in the Front Rack Position

“Lost Keys”
8:00 minute AMRAP
20-40-60-80-100… Double Unders (same number for singles
10 Front Rack Reverse Lunges
Load: 135/95lb, 61/43kg
Score = Rounds + Reps
If you are not comfortable front rack lunging user lighter weight or hold kbs at your side… or use no weight. You’re legs will plenty sore from any type of reverse lunge.

Goal: 4+ Rounds
Stimulus: Leg Stamina / Muscular Endurance
RPE: 8/10
Primary Objective: Unbroken Sets of Front Rack Reverse Lunges
Secondary Objective: Get through the round of 100 DU + 10 Front Rack Lunges and
into the 120 Double Unders
Athlete Notes + Workout Strategy:
The goal here today is to stay moving, but not come out of the gate too hot. The reps
of lunges will be done very quickly back to back at the beginning of this workout and
then they will become more spread out once we hit the 60-80… and upwards of
double unders. This means that your legs will get toasted early and could challenge
the consistency on the jump rope. So just stay steady and focus on consistency with
the jump rope.

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