Wednesday May 2nd

Bike 10 Minutes with a partner switch every minute
Quickly review the strict press

Review the Overhead squat (EMPTY BAR OF PVC) Perform 20 OHS and figure out if you are going to front squat or OHS for the wod
This excerpt is directly from the CrossFit Journal

“Start only when you have a strong squat and use a dowel or PVC pipe, not a weight. You should be able to maintain a rock-bottom squat with your back arched, head and eyes forward, and body weight predominantly on your heels for several minutes as a prerequisite to the overhead squat. Even a 15-pound training bar is way too heavy to learn the overhead squat.”

Strength Strict Press
(Use 90 percent of your 1 rep max, the same number you used last week, the percentages are just higher)
AMRAP at 90%

Wod 4 Rounds For time
10 OHS (or 12 Front squats) 155/105
10 HSPU (sub heavy dumbbell press or 30 second holds)
10 Burpees
2 Rope climbs (sub 6 Pulls)

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