Wednesday March 28th

Warm up-
5 Minute bike or row
Bring Sally Up as a class with perfect air squats

Grab a bar- Review EMOM-
Lets fix those movements!
0-2 mintues Review proper front squat technique with and empty bar 5 Perfect reps a minutes
2-4 minutes Review over head squats 5 perfect reps per minute
4-6 Minutes 6 Power Position Snatch (land in a squat or ad an overhead squat)
6-8 Minutes 4 Hang position snatch (try to squat or add an overhead Squat)
8-10 Minutes 4 Full Snatches

6 Sets of 2 Snatches at your own pace, ad weight each round. end at 90 to 95 percent

13 Minute Amrap
5 Front squats from the ground 225/155
8 Handstand Push Ups
1 Rope climb (4 rope pulls
10 Burpees over your bar