Wednesday March 13th

Warm up-
800 m run (morning classes run four 200’s so we dont drag dirt in)
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
10 pass throughs

Review press, push press, push jerk…. as a family!

Strict press- Work your way to a 1 rep max, start light, get at least 7 sets to get there. Might look like this after 2 sets of empty bar press
5,5,(60ish %)3,3,3 (working up) 1,1.1+ until you fail
Next Push Press, work your way to a 1 rep max. Start where you left off on your strict press. Add slowly… 2.5s and 5’s, this should be about 7 more sets
Last Push jerk. Start where you left off on push press… add slow, probably lest sets on this one but go until you fail


Running Annie
Double unders
Sit ups
run 400 between each round

if you dont have doubles TRIPLE the number of jump rope