Wednesday June 7th

***Please write your name and score on the whiteboard*** if you don’t want to write your score at least write your name. Remind your friends in class. 55+ on the board for a majority of the week and I will head to Valor Friday for some new goodies.

Pre-order your flag shirts. The order sheet will remain out on the desk for one week only. Payments due at time of order.
This week is packed with work. You are more than welcome to do extra work and Weightlift but do it back on the platforms or outside. Main floor is for regular classes.

Warm up- Starts at the top of the hour- stretch or work weaknesses if you are there early. If you’re there late-warm up and jump in where the rest of the class is
50 Pass throughs
25 Empty bar presses

Push Jerks From the rack
Sets of 3- Go heavy but no misses
Newer people AND advanced people Lets work on form. Work your technique before adding weight. Fix it now, before you get into really bad movement patterns.

5 Rounds
Run 400M (Run is not REST, the average regional athlete runs a 1:09 400…. they are not resting on runs)
2/1 legless rope climbs (Sub 2 rope climbs or 5 “reps” of pulling yourself up off the floor)
15 KB Swings 70/55

100 sit ups- or 50 weighted sit ups
3 rounds of Max hollow hold at completion..

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