Wednesday June 13th

Warm up-
50 Pass Throughs
30 push ups
Then review the shoulder to overhead movements as a class
20 empty bar presses
20 empty push presses at your pace
20 push jerks

Strength: Strict Press DELOAD WEEK. next week we start the last 5,3,1 strength cycle then we are changing it up after that. Still doing strength work, changing it up.
5×40%,5×50%,3×60%,5×60%,5×65% Then AMRAP at %70

Strength 2
5 sets of 3 heavy push jerks

12 Minute Amrap
10 Cals on the assault bike
200 M Run
30 Air squats
40 Double unders (40 singles is the sub.. want to keep you moving)