Wednesday January 29th

Warm Up:
2 Minute Run(400m)-Bike-Row
4 Rounds:
5 Down Dog to Seal Stretch
5 Empty Bar Power cleans
5 Empty Bar Bent Over Rows
5 Empty Bar Front Squats
10 Empty Bar Front Rack Lunges

15 minutes to build to your heavy clean for the wod

5 Rounds
30 Ft Handstand Walk INT- 4 Walk Walks or Distance Change BEG- 50ft Bear Crawl**8 hand stand push ups per round or 45 second handstand hold also acceptable.
5 Squat Cleans 225/155 INT-205/135 BEG-135/95
** if you are not going comfortable going heavy during the wod have the option of doing 9 reps per round at a weight you can touch and go squat clean.

–Coaches Notes–
Two really good picks from the opposite sides of the CF world here. 1 advanced gymnastic movement and a HEAVY barbell. Find which you will feel more comfortable with and use it to your advantage. These squat cleans are meant to be HEAVY and probably done in fast singles each round. Pick a good progression for that handstand walk that won’t get you stuck too long. If you are just getting your HSW maybe cut the feet down you can use that as a progression for the day. The workout will take longer than it may look, aiming anywhere from 20 minutes to closer to 25+. Again proper progression choice will keep it under 30 minutes.

**Optional Accessory Work**
Option 1:
Candlestick Burpees((Video Posted Below…you’re welcome))
Option 2:
Weighted Sit Ups
Use any piece of equipment DB, KB, Slamball, Wallball, etc…
Option 3:
Ground to Overhead with Plate
Use a comfortable weight to do all 12 unbroken.