Wednesday January 19th


Wednesday January 19th

3:00 C2 Machine, Increase speed every minute
10 Max height wall balls
30 Air Squats wearing glute activation band
10 max height wall balls
2;00 banded glute activation

Back Squat
5×5 @ 90% 5RM from test week
All sets are at the same weight.
Rest 2-4 minutes between sets.
The goal for the entire phase is to add roughly 2.5% or 5-10lbs to the bar every week.

Accumulate 8:00 in a lateral plank*
*After performing a max duration plank on both sides, perform 10 Barbell Good Mornings
15 Minute Time Cap

Feel: For Quality/Accessory

Pacing: Forever

Target Score: Complete 8 Minutes before 15 minute Cap

Firebreather Score: Complete 8 Minutes before 15 minute Cap


  • Lateral Plank (side plank): Reduce duration or do the lateral plank on your knees instead of the side of their foot. Athletes should be able to plank :45+, per side, on their first attempt
  • Barbell Good Morning: Should be light enough that 10 reps are never “hard”

Coach Focus: The barbell good mornings should be ultra light, encourage athletes to shoot for perfect hinging mechanics with a smooth speed rather than for maximal weight. Athletes go for max duration on one side, then immediately to the other side, and then perform their good mornings after failure on the other side. Recommend athletes start the next set on the opposite side, since most will hold for less time on the second side.

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