Wednesday January 17th

8:00 minutes, For Quality
1:00 minute Machine of Choice (Easy pace)
5/5 World’s Greatest Stretch
10 Tall Muscle Cleans
10/10 Staggered Stance Barbell Good Morning
3-5 + 1 Pogo Jump to Vertical Jump


Back Squat
Every 2:30 minutes, 5 Sets, Complete the following:
Set 1: 5 @ 70%
Set 2: 4 @ 75%
Set 3: 3 @ 80%
Set 4: 2 @ 85%
Set 5: 1 @ 90%
Percentages are based on your 1-rep max Back Squat

For Time:
Front Squats
Shoulder to Overhead
Barbell: 115/75lb, (52/34kg)

The above is 75 reps of each movement. That’s a lot of volume. You will use one bar for this workout. the deadlifts and squats are meant to be on the lighter side and the shoulder to overhead will be your limiter. You should still be able to be do big sets of s2oh with the weight you pick.

Scaling 95/65 or less for weight
21,15,12,9 for the reps.
If you are lacking a good front rack position with a barbell you can do this workout with dumbbells.

Goal Time Domain:
11:00-15:00 minutes
Time Cap:
18:00 minutes
Primary Objective: Big sets on all movements. We are looking to complete each set
with less than 3 breaks per round.

Strategy: Work at a pace that you feel is sustainable from the onset as this is 75 reps of each
barbell movement and will surely pack a punch. We should have a plan of how we are moving from each movement into the other as one is meant to transition very quickly
into the next movement. This could mean doing 15, then 9, then 3 deadlifts and
performing a hang clean into the front rack or even just doing a hang squat clean into
the first Front Squat and working into the reps until you are close to 21 reps. Then
having a small break in order to perform a squat clean thruster for the final rep of front
squats and the first rep of the shoulder to overhead. This would allow you a seamless
and smooth transition through the workout if you have planned breaks and transitions
between the movements and the rounds.