Wednesday January 11th

Wednesday 1/11
Warm Up
AMRAP 7 Minutes
Row 15/12 Calories
5 Shuttle Runs
Rest :30

:15 Skill
Teams of 2 – EMOM 10 min
Yoke carry with partner. One partner works while the other rests. Switching every minute.
Yoke carry is 50 feet out and back.

n:30 WOD
AMRAP 3 Minutes x 6
40/32 Calorie Row
Max Shuttle Runs in remaining time
Rest 2:00
1 shuttle = 25′ out and back. If you are
halfway through a shuttle run at the
end of an interval, complete the
shuttle run and count it.
Score is total shuttle runs.
Feel: Cardio
Pacing: SustainTarget Score: 5+ shuttle runs per round
Firebreather: 8+ shuttle runs per round
– Row: Air bike/C2 Bike calories: 35/26. Should not exceed 2:30 to complete the
prescribed calories.
– Shuttle Run: Max Calories on a machine different from the buy-in machine