Wednesday February 7th

Warm Up-
40 Push ups
40 ring rows
40 Pass throughs
1 shoulder stretch-coaches choice

6 set of 5 Strict Press
From First! Your neck shouldnt be pinched back, you SHOULD NOT be looking at the ceiling or the bar going up. the end position of the bar is directly above your ears, NOT out in front of you

Wod- Rowing Nightmare, this is a lot harder than it looks, don’t skip because “its just rowing”
Partner up with someone who rows about as fast as you
6 sets of 500m row, rest is equal to time it took you to row- post all your rounds on the chalk board! Push each other. this workout is what you make it. If you are talking about who won “the Voice” or who was on “the view” while you are rowing…. you aren’t giving it enough effort.. not even close.