Wednesday February 7th

3 Sets: For Quality
10 Bootstrap Squats
50 feet of high knees
50 feet of butt kicks
10 Scapular Pull-Ups
3 x 25/25ft Lateral Shuffle
3 Burpee Broad Jumps for Distance

Workout For Time:
3 Rounds:
200m Run
21 Wall Balls, 20/14lb
15 Toe to Bar
9 Line Facing Burpees
1:00 Rest between rounds
Rest 3:00 minutes after final round
1 Round:
400m Run
40 Wall Balls 20/14lb – – 10/9ft
30 Toe to Bar
20 Line Facing Burpees

Time Domain: 20:00-25:00 minutes
Time Cap: 25:00 minutes
Primary Objective: Fastest overall time
Secondary Objective: Plan sets and rests and stick to it. Goal today is to have a solid
plan going in and break early and rest minimally for optimal results