Wednesday February 5th

Time for some Olympic Lifting!
*Weight vest Wednesday will be back next week
Is learning the snatch going to make or break your fitness? Probably not, but it will certainly help you learn to generate power, move quicker, be more flexible, have better balance and be more coordinated in general.

General warm up
2 rounds (down the length of the floor and back for each movement)
Side step squats
Butt kicks
High knees
20 Pass throughs in place with PVC

3 rounds (12 Minute) barbell warm up
Minute 1- 5 snatch grip high pulls
Minute 2 – 5 power position power snatch
Minute 3- 5 hang position power snatch
Minute 4- 5 from the shin plus overhead squat
*you can add very light weight if you want to

15 minutes to build to a heavy 2 rep snatch, power or squat- you can reset between the 2 lifts, but no more than 15 seconds rest between the two reps.
*coach will start a clock for this. not necessarily going for a two rep max since this is only 15 minutes, you are trying for heavy quality reps

10 Minute Amrap
5 power snatches 115/75 scale to 95/65 or 75/45
7 toes to bar or knee raises
7 Burpees over you bar

Coaches notes- Pick a weight on you power snatches where you can touch and go just about every round. Don’t let that RX weight get the best of your mind. You will get a far better workout if you pick a weight that you are able to go 5 unbroken reps with rather than staring at a bar.
-Choose the toes to bar variation that lets you get through them quick. Still working towards being on the bar, do sit ups
-burpees over the bar, also choose a variation that isnt going to slow you down, If getting over the bar quick is taking intensity away from the workout, don’t jump over your bar, just do regular burpees!

***Accessory work- accumulate 400 meters of overhead carries with a light plate