Wednesday February 28th

Warm up-
5 Minute bike
40 PVC pass throughs
40 OHS with PVC
Grab a bar and get ready…
Warm Up EMOM, Just like yesterday only snatches
0-2  7 Power Position Power Snatch
2-4  7 Hang from the knee power snatch
2-6  5 snatches from the floor (Squat)

Strength 10 minutes
2 Full snatches
or 4 Power snatches (try to ad an overhead squat)

16 Minutes
50 Cal bike buy in
Then Amrap of
10 Power snatches 155/105
25 Foot Handstand walk (sub 7 HSPU or 30 Second hole OR 10 heavy DB Press)
10 single arm DB squat (5 each arm)   *** if you can’t do those do goblet squats with a heavy KB

****** DONT THROW YOUR DUMBBELLS. They bounce too much and thats dangerous in busy classes with people snatching and walking on their hands.