Wednesday February 24th

Warm up
3 Rounds
10 Air squats
200m run
10 Sampson stretch steps

*time to warm up for back squats

10 Minute EMOM
(1 rep) of 1 and 1/2 back squat
Rep is all the way down, back to just above parallel, back down then all the way up. Its not a bounce out of the bottom, its a controlled movement the whole time

AMRAP 1:30 x 4
18 Alt. DB Snatches 50/35lbs
Max Rep Burpee Box step Overs 24/20″ (both feet hit the box)
Rest 1:30
start over each round

Extra Outside
until 3000m row is finished

1:00 @ 22-26spm

1:00 @ 26-30spm

0:30 @ open spm
Rest :30