Wednesday February 14th

Warm up
4 Rounds
:45 second machine
2 sets of bar shapes (hang, hollow hold, hand, arch, hang)
5 thrusters
*add weight to thruster each round

Strength/Barbell conditioning
Every 2 minutes
10 Thrusters
8 thrusters
6 thrusters
4 Thrusters
2 thrusters
*add weight each time

4 Sets
4:00 AMRAP
1:00 Max Unbroken Sets of 5 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
400m Run
-Max Calorie Row in the Remaining Time
Rest 2:00 minutes between sets
*if you are not going to make it back to the machine because of the 400 we are going to cut the distance back

Athlete Notes + Workout Strategy: We are looking for quick short sets of chest to bar pull-ups, with minimal rest as we
tackle this workout. We have been building the progressions here with different styles
of chest to bar workouts to develop form and efficiency. Overall by Week 6, we should
be feeling much more fluid and consistent. The goal with this is to tackle 3-4 sets on
the Chest to Bar, then move into the run where we should be targeting a pace at or
around 5k race pace. Finally we will come back into the gym and jump on the rower to
burn each interval down and target a hard and challenging pace. The goal is to have
1:00 minute or so on the rower at the end of each interval. This would mean that each
run is done in under 2:00 minutes.