Wednesday February 26th


Wednesday February 26th

No vests today- looks likes a rainy day. What would a vest workout be if we couldnt go out and run in them?

Warm Up:
3 Rounds:
1 Min Run-Bike-Row (Increase Pace Each Round)
5 Sit Ups
10 Lateral Lunges Each Leg
10 Squat Therapy Reps
10 Glute Bridges Empty Barbell
5 Pull-Ups Or Ring Rows
10 Push-Ups

Think of today as three workouts. try to get to that accessory work

Tempo Back Squat
1 Sec. Up > 1 Sec. Pause at Top > 3 Sec. Down > 3 Sec. Hold at Bottom
Rest as needed between sets.
Use 60-65%

Death By Favorite Calorie Machine!
1 Calorie in the first 1 min
2 Calories in the second 1 min
3 Calories in the third 1 min
…Continuing this for as long as you are able.
–Coaches Notes–
If you haven’t done a “Death By…” set up, try and think of it as an ascending EMOM. On 3,2,1, go you’ll do 1 Calorie and then rest the remainder of the that minute. When the 1st minute hits you’ll do 2 Calories then rest, so on and so forth adding 1 calorie every minute until you can no longer hit that number of calorie within that minute. Guys you should be aiming for +/-18 rounds, ladies aim for +/-13 rounds.
*** Towards the end you wont have time to reset your machine. Do that CrossFit math in your head!

**Accessory Work**
Russian Twist
40-50 Reps
hold onto a Slamball, DB, or KB.

Part 2
100 banded curls
100 banded tricep pull downs