Wednesday February 10th

Warm up
AMRAP 7 Minutes
5 Wallballs
7/5 Calorie Row
9 Box Jumps (step down)
10 Gymnastics kips

Ok all workout today. There is 25 minute time cap on this. A good target score is to get through 250 reps total.

For Time, partioned as desired:
150 Wallballs 20/14lbs to 10/9′
100 Burpee Box step ups 24/20″ (no Jumps)
40 Bar Muscle Ups
25 Minute Time Cap

Wallball: Scale weight before reps
Burpee box step ups: reduced reps or reduced height box.
Bar Muscle Ups: Scale Reps (20-30) or modify to chest to bar pull ups, chin over bar pull ups, or ring rows

Have a plan to keep moving! Don’t get stuck on one movement. You are allowed to partition this.
We recommend 10 Rounds of 15 Wallball/10 BB step ups/4 BMUs or 10 Rounds of 5 Bb step ups/15 Wallballs/5 BB box step ups/4 BMUs.