Wednesday December 2nd

AMRAP 5 Minutes
20 Single/Double Unders
10 Ground-to-Overhead with 25lb Plate
10 Empty Bar Thrusters (1-count pause overhead)

Strength second today

We will give you a few minutes to build up and practice a few squat cleans. Go through a few reps of front squats and push press and a few
“clusters” (squat clean thrusters.) Don’t blow your legs up, you will want to save them. This is not a squat clean then a push jerk. there is no re-dipping during the overhead part. its a squat clean plus a push press.. which is thruster, that starts on the ground every time

For Time 30 Squat Clean Thrusters 135/95lbs
9 minute cap
If you hit the cap add 1 second onto your score for each missed rep.

Push Jerk 5×3, building in weight to a heavy set of 3
*Push knees out rather than forward on the dip portion of this. Remember you are breaking your hip angle. The bottom of the dip is similar to the power position in the clean and the snatch