Wednesday December 20th

Due by December 31st- EVERYONE please fill out a new paper waiver. LEGIBLY. Also please read and sign a new membership hold and cancellation policy. We will be happy to answer any questions about that. We want you here! We are results driven.The new hold/cancellation policy will take effect on January 1st.
Reminder- Some of us are heading to the beach for the New Years. Staying at Hotel Sol. Link here. Three night minimum. Something different to do rather than wait last minute and hang around the area.
If you have any friends interested in trying the gym, try to get them in this week. We we will have our usual rush after the New Year. Get a head start on everyone else.
Our kids program is doing great. Bring your kids in for a few free trial classes before you decide on a membership. Never any contracts with kids memberships.
Nutrition- Lets be honest with ourselves. The holidays are not an excuse to eat and drink uncontrollably. Don’t work your butt off for 11 months to undo everything in one month. Self-control, no excuses. It really is that simple.
Now to the good stuff.

All that Holiday Junk food is piling up…lets go long today.

*****This is very good example of what our new FIT classes will be like******

Warm up-
5 minute bike or row
10 Samson Stretch
15 Overhead Squat with PVC
20 Sit-up
20 Pull-up (Strict if you can, sub ring rows or negatives)
20 dips rings or bench

Get your equipment ready for the wods. BE ON TIME today. Don’t hold up the class. Wods Start at 15 after the hour. Stop your warm up at 10 after if your are not done with it and get your equipment ready.


Wod 1- 6 minutes of wall balls, with a twist- two burpees every 30 seconds

Wod 2
12 minute amrap
10 Bike Cals
20 Double unders (60 singles if you have been here a year, 40 singles if you have been here less than a year)

wod 3
12 Minute Amrap
Row 20 Calories
20 HAND RELEASE push ups

You will be jacked after wod 3.


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