Wednesday December 18th


Wednesday December 18th

Warm Up:
3 Rounds
1 Minute Run(200m)-Bike-Row
20 Jumping Jacks
7 Sit-Ups
7 PVC Pass Throughs
4 Low Ring Muscle-Up Transitions
2 Turkish get-up Right Arm
2 Turkish get-up Left Arm

14 Minute AMRAP
1 Rope Climb BEG-3 Low Rope Pulls
3 Ring Muscle-ups INT-3 C2B+Dip BEG-3 Pull Up+Dip
5 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20
7 Toes-To-Bars BEG-Knee Raises
–Coaches Notes–
Even with 14 minutes being a “longer” workout the first half of each round shouldn’t take you very long. The Burpee Box Jump Overs is where you MIGHT feel that bottleneck in the workout, remember that it is only 5 reps and that you can step up and over the box as well to help keep them moving. . With that being said make sure you pick a proper progression for the rope climb and for the Muscle Up. Pick a high progression for the day but don’t go too far that you might see a bunch of failed reps in there a few is okay but if you find yourself stuck at that section then change it up. Score wise you should be aiming for 5 to 9 rounds.

**Accessory Work** All or some
Tempo Push Up
Rest as needed between sets.
Tempo- 1 Sec Up-2 Sec Pause at the Top-7 Seconds Down-7 Seconds Hold Off The Ground

Plank Hold
Build to 3 Minutes

Option 3:
Bench+ Superset with 5×10 (each arm) Dumbbell Rows on a bench.