Wednesday December 16th

2 Rounds
12/8 Calorie bike
10 Hollow Rocks
8 V-Ups
6 Muscle Cleans
* *Light-to-moderate weight
*40 minute total time on the wod, lets hustle.

We will give you a few minutes to get ready for the wod and go over power cleans. Choose your progressions for the toes to bar and find a spot. If you can do a few toes to bar don’t abandon them. Start with them and switch to knee raises.

Pepper Watts”
AMRAP 4:00 x 5
7 Power Cleans
8 Toes to Bar
7 Power Cleans
8 Toes to Bar
Max Calorie in remaining time
Rest 3:00
Barbell: 135/100lbs
If you complete 160/110 calories, you may stop. make note of the total time on the clock if you get to that point and put that in your notes of your score.

AMRAP 3 Minutes x 3 Run 300m
Max HSPU* in remaining time
Rest 3:00 between
*R1: Strict HSPU
R2: 2/1“ Deficit Kipping
HSPU R3: Kipping HSPU

This can be done with regular push ups as well.
R1 regular push ups
R2 deficit push ups
R3 Push ups on an incline.