Wednesday August 22nd

Nutrition meeting tonight at 8pm, you do not have to be part of the challenge to attend. Come in and learn what the challenge is all about and learn all about macros.

Today we learn progressions!
Warm up-
15 Minutes of Snatch Progressions- you can load the weights on.. a little bit.. if you are comfortable with the movement, but this is not a max out day.
Followed by 15 minutes of Muscle up or pull up progressions. If you have your muscle-ups practice strict muscle ups but don’t gas out for the wod.
**If you want to keep snatching the second 15 minutes go ahead, if you want to practice muscle up or pull progressions meet the coach at the rig

Wod- 25 minute cap

1,000m Run (run to the center (zepplin sign) of the building just BEFORE the post office)
30 Squat Snatches 115/85
30 Bar Muscle Ups