Wednesday April 17th

3 Sets, For Quality:
200m Run
10 Hip 90/90 Rotations
:20/20 Second Copenhagen Hold
:20/20 Second Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold
10 PVC Pipe Passovers + 10 Overhead Squats

We will let you warm up and get weight on your bar
Take 15:00 minutes to Establish
3RM Overhead Squat
We will be taking this from the rack. The focus will be to Snatch Grip Push Press it,
Push Jerk it, over Split Jerk it to the correct position overhead. Focus should be on
pressing up on the bar and engaging your core as you descend in and out of the
bottom of the squat. Stay tight throughout each squat and just get a quality firm breath
to reset and rebrace prior to each squat. We should be looking at around 90% of 1RM
as the goal for your 3RM for the day


5 Rounds for Time
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats 95/65lb, 43/30kg
Time Domain: 11:00-15:00 minutes
Time Cap: 17:00 minutes

Primary Objective: Complete as fast as possible
Secondary Objective: Keep the Overhead Squats unbroken

Athlete Notes + Workout Strategy:
This one is meant to be done fast with a little sprinty feel to it. This is over a mile of
running, so definitely not a full sprint, but those that can tackle this well will be able to
hold under their 5k pace on the run. Some may even push close to their mile pace,
with the acknowledgement that they also must have very good quad stamina for the
squats back into the run. We suggest going at around 5k pace on the run to start,
which will allow greater efficiency on the barbell to remain unbroken with quality form.
Those with the higher levels of skill can Squat Snatch the first rep, while many should
power snatch the barbell and then work their way into the 15 overhead squats.