Wednesday April 15th

Warm Up-
3 Minute Run
3 rounds for time
5 push ups
10 pull ups or rows
15 squats

If you have access to bar lets go through 5 sets of 7 back squats OR front squats at about 70 percent. If you don’t have weights to get to 70 percent simply slow your reps down.. 3 seconds down, hold 3 seconds, 1 seconds up.

Dumbbell- one or two
5 sets of 7 to 12 reps. Dumbbell weights will generally be lighter. Use these as tempo squats. 3 Seconds down, 3 second hold, 1 second up.

Dumbbell versions of Fight Gone Bad
3 Rounds, For Total Reps in 17 minutes
1 minute DB Goblet Squats
1 minute DB Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls
1 minute of squat jumps
1 minute DB Push Press (alternate whenever)
1 minute of 10m Shuttle Sprints
1 minute Rest

Barbell version
Empty bar back squats
Sumo deadlift high-pull, empty bar
Tuck jumps
Push-press, empty bar
10m Shuttle sprints
1 minute rest