Wednesday April 11th

Warm up- 800m run with a wall ball and a partner… Do 30 Partner wall balls when you get back. If you start class early, by yourself, you get to do this again at the top of the hour.

Fun Strength Today- Will take most of the hour, but it wall starts with a review
Grab an empty bar for the rest of this warm up/review. Lets fixed those screwed up movement patterns
0-4 Minutes – 7 Push Presses
4-8 Minutes – 6 perfect front squats
8-12 Minutes -5 perfect thrusters-
We’re watching and correction. elbows up means elbows up, not down. Learn to move better by listening to cues.

Find your 3 rep max thruster. This will take most of the rest of the hour.
3,3,3,3,3,3 Percentages would look something like this -40,50,60,75,85 to 90, 100+ of your old 3 rep if you know it.

Short wod-
8 x 250m rower sprints
Rest to work is 1 to 2. do these with a partner who rows about as fast as you do and take turns on the rower (if it takes you 1 minute to row 250, rest 2 minutes which means you and your partner will have to bust out your math skills)
These should absolutely crush you. If you they don’t, you’re not rowing hard enough. Its a minute or less of max effort

Finish the day with 4 sled pushes if time permits.