Tuesday October 6th


Tuesday October 6th

Warm up
Run 600m
25 Good Mornings
20 empty bar deadlifts
15 Push Ups

Tempo Deadlifts at a heavier weight that you used last week.
Will let you warm up then we are going to do this as an EOMOM for 10 minutes
2 Tempo Deadlifts
Aim for 2-3 second lift with a 3-4 second negative

Wod- This wod is going to take 21 minutes with the rests
AMRAP 5 Minutes x 3
30/26 Calories bike or row
25 Wallballs 20/14lbs to 10′ Target
Max dballs over your shoulder AHAP in remaining time
Rest 3:00

For this wod we want everyone to get to the dball section each round so that will mean scaling will be adjusting your calories on the row or bike and using a lighter wall ball if you have to break the rx weight up into more than two sets. Be sure to test your 30/22 cal time before we start so we can adjust before you start the wod.