Tuesday October 5th

2:00 Hamstring Mash, per side
10 Single leg RDLs/side
AMRAP 4 Minutes
Row 300m (moderate pace)
8 Inch Worms
Max Burpees in remaining time

Reps are touch and go.
After each set of deadlifts, perform 3 seated box jumps for maximum explosiveness. Rest 3-4 minutes after the box jumps.

The deadlift work this phase will follow the same format for entire 7 weeks. Each week will have a set of 6, 5, 4, and 1 with the goal of increasing by 2.5% each week. All sets are touch and go, but we are looking for perfect control back to the floor on each rep, including the last. Do not skip the eccentric. Additional Notes/Resources: The explosive movement that follows each set of deadlifts is meant to augment the explosive hip extension we are looking to improve this phase. This does not need to be done immediately after each set, but within :30 – :60 after the set is completed

10 Minutes NOT NOT NOT for score. Move with purpose not for the best score on a “cool down” wod. If you are ripping through this you completely missed the point of it.

AMRAP 10 Minutes
1:00 Weighted Plank
20 Banded Hamstring Curls
15/10 Calorie Row @ Forever Pace

EXTRA WORK- Again, the hour is more than enough. Generally don’t need any extra work. If you arent showing up at least 4 days a week for regular class lets focus on that first then add a piece in. Rome wasn’t build in day. You have to crawl before you can walk… and all those other good sayings. Your first pieces of “extra work” should be practicing skills or mobility you may not have yet

10 to 15 Rounds not for time of
10 DB Box Step Ups 24/20″ w/ 50/35lbs (Single DB)
4 S. Arm Devils Press 50/35lbs