Tuesday October 22nd

Warm up-
3 rounds
200M run
10 deadlifts with an empty bar
10 Walking lunges with your bar
10 good mornings with your bar

These 45 toes to bar will seem like nothing compared to the open.

You will have 10 mintues to build up to your working weight for the deadlift

1 Mile Run BUY IN THEN
Deadlifts 225/185 INT-185/155 BEG-155/125
Box Jump Overs
Toes To Bar

Scaling options
Scale the run to finish in under 9 minutes
Deadlifts (use a weight where you can break the 21 into 2 sets, the 15 into 2 sets and the 9 unbroken)
Box Step Ups
Knee’s to Elbows or Sit ups