Tuesday October 13th


Tuesday October 13th

Warm up
3 Rounds
Run 200
10 Good mornings with an empty bar
5 air squats against the wall with the 2 second gold

Tempo Deadlift EOMOM 10 minutes
3 (one rep higher than last week) tempo deadlifts at last weeks weight
*if last week was struggle use the same weight this week because its an extra rep, if last week felt good go up a little bit

16 Minute Amrap
15/10 cals bike or row
20 wall balls 30/20
2 rope climbs
*wall ball weight is 30/20 today. use those weights if you can through the rounds only splitting that up once
*there will be enough separation, especially after the first round, so there shouldnt be a wait on the ropes.

Extra work
5 sets of 10 each of
dumbbell curls
tricep extensions overhead with single DB