Tuesday November 3rd


Tuesday November 3rd

Back squat warm up
Find a new 5 rep max back squat. Just a few sessions of this left. Can you keep going up. If you get stuck stay at your same number and try again. If your squats are getting worse technique wise this session is a good time to focus on that. Don’t give up depth because you are adding weight. Depth of squats should be below parallel and not change no matter weight or rep count

6 x 500m row with approximately 1 to 1 work to rest ratio
This is harder than it looks
**Score is SLOWEST 500m interval so push every round
There are 9 rowers partner up with someone who rows about as fast as you. We will have spray bottles and towels by each rower so you can spray handles and hands before each row.


Bike 30 Seconds Rest 3 Minutes for 6 rounds. Score is lowest total cals on the bike.