Tuesday November 2nd


Tuesday November 2nd

20 Band Pull Aparts
AMRAP 4 Minutes
Run 100m
1 Wall Walk*
*add one Wall Walk per round

Every 1:30 for 15:00 (10 sets)
1 Tempo Pull Squat Snatch Compare to Oct. 12th.
Time to get heavy but keep this tempo, next week we are testing a 1rm snatch without a tempo.

Handstand or wall walk work- Suggested options for 12 minutes of work
Every 1:30 for 6 sets
30 Foot walk with plate obstacle in the middle

Every 1:30 for 6 sets
30 foot walk, no obstacle

Every 1;30 for 6 sets
2-3 wall walks

Partner Wod
16 minutes
Max cals on ski or bike alternating every minute
*Doesn’t look like much does it? you will get out of this exactly what you put into. Its a minute of just under a sprint pace followed by a minute rest. This should hurt

10-15 minutes of a moderate row or run. slow and steady