Tuesday November 28th

DON’T FORGET! Lots of awesome stuff this week.
Field Day Jorondpalooza!  Click here for details
4th Annual Holiday Anniversary Bash Click here for details
Awesome Deal On personal training. Limit one hour per person. Click here to purchase online
Awesome offer from Bernie on Nutritional Guidance. Click here! 
and last but not least, give the gift of fitness to friend $69 foundations classes! 4 one on one sessions made for a beginner to learn crossfit.

Warm Up-
kill calories
Run a mile or Row 2000 or bike for 9 minutes
Then get your bar and do 20 empty bar snatches from the knee

10 Minute Emom-
3 hang Power Snatches or 2 Full hang snatches. From the knee! (Coaches make sure everyone has the at the knee position right before we start)

Wod ***** Pick weights that you can move very fast (go light) This is 3 max effort wods back to back to back. all sprints…. you should not stop moving!
4 Minutes-
5 hang snatches 115/75
7 Push ups
10 Air squats

Rest 2 minutes

Rest 2 minutes