Tuesday November 17th

2 Rounds
12 Scap Pull Ups
8 Gymnastics Kips
15 squats with an empty bar

Find a 1 rep max backsquat
Warm up with a bigger set of lighter weight and then start loading that bar up. heavy singles. USE SPOTTERS. Don’t be shy to ask for a spotter on each side of your bar. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, find a heavy 3 rep.

**Conditioning test**
“Marty McThigh”
AMRAP 13 Minutes
16/12 Calorie Bike or row (use the same machine for your retest in 7 weeks)
16 Power Cleans 135/100lbs
12 Toes to Bar
*Scaling: – Toes to bar should never take more than 1:00, otherwise scale to knee raises.
Stay long in your toes to bar. See Video below

Do this today after class or anytime this week whether its inside or outside. we are retesting
Gymnastics Test
3 Max Sets of Strict Pull Ups
Rest 3:00 between attempts
*This will look different for people. This will be retested. Make note of your reps. If you use a band be sure to use the same band we retest