Tuesday November 15th

Tuesday 11/15

Warm Up

2 minutes on bike


2 Rounds

10 Glute Activation (R and L)

5 Empty Front Squats

25 Foot Walking Lunge

10 Burpees

Coach Focus: The day everyone has been waiting for is here! While most

of your athletes may see the working sets working up to a 1RM is “fluff”

it’s the coach’s job to remind them that small iterative jumps are the most

effective way to ensure motor patterns are maintained and that the

consistency we’ve practiced all phase remains.

:15 Strength

Lifting Re-test

Squat Clean

1×3 Power Position

1×3 Hang, at knee

1×3 Tempo Pull Squat Cleans


3 reps @ 65%

2 @ 70%

2 @ 75%

1 @ 80%

1 @ 85%

then, continue building to a new 1RM Squat Clean

:55 Cool Down

Lizard Couch