Tuesday May 24th


Tuesday May 24th

Don’t look at todays workout and say poo poo on this. This is tough. there is enough bikes and enough rest time for everyone to use bikes

Warm up-
3 rounds
10 burpees
20 seconds bike – getting faster every round
5 pull ups to catch your breath

Every 3 minutes for 30 Mintues (10 rounds)
:10-:15 Air Bike Sprint for Peak Wattage
Rest the remainder of the interval
When you know your watts are dropping off, jump off
write your peak watts down and come up with your average at the end


Bench Press 4 Rounds
1:00 Bench @ 60% of BW*
Rest 3:00
Can be multiple sets in that 1 minute meaning you can rack and unrack the bar a few times if needed.