Tuesday May 11th

400m Run
10 PVC Pass Throughs
20 PVC OH Lunges
10 PVC Pass Throughs
:15 Bike Sprint

On a 15 Minute clock
2 Pause Split Jerks
Athlete will pause in the dip and in the catch before bringing their feet together. They may go heavy as long as technique is there

Every :90 for 18:00
10/6 Calorie Sprint
*These are sprints.. these should hurt… a true sprint every round. THis is the fastest past you should go at in the gym. every round should be under 30 seconds. May need slight adjustment on your number if you arent up to these number with a true sprint
Why do we do sprints?
They are extremely effective at revving up your metabolism, they develop our fast-twitch muscle fibers, and they ensure that your “sprint gear” is finely tuned.

3 Round (outside!)
Run 400
6 heavy shoulder to overhead

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