Tuesday March 19th

Back to basics week
This is a high volume day. Don’t worry… YOU CAN DO IT!

Warm up with a partner. Run a wall ball for 800m… so fun.. we will wait for you to get back..
When you get back the coaches will show you a perfect wall ball shot then EVERYONE is going to 25 perfect wall balls…. Been seeing a few wall ball shots that would make the inventor of wall balls cringe.
We are going to squat to full depth (even if we have to get a target out for your to hit your fanny on) we are going to keep the ball above our chests the whole time.. elbows under the ball not flared way out.. and we are going to stay off our toes. Easy right.. If you have perfect wall balls.. try with a 30 pound or 50 pounder

Then grab a bar

Strength-back to basics again
The power position clean… (squat or power)

0-2 minutes 10 power position clean pulls
2-4 minutes 10 power position power clean
2-6 minutes 10 power position squat cleans or power position power cleans PLUS a front squat

Take a few minutes to build up to a heavy power position power clean 75 to 80 percent of max (squat or power)

12 minute Strength Emom-
even minutes, 4 Heavy power position clean (squat or power)
odd minutes 6 toes to bar or 10 sit ups

oh yes, there is more….

Wod- Good old fashioned Crossfit-
4 rounds for time
25 wall balls 30/20 rx
15 burpees
1 Sled push (don’t stall on the sleds, people might be waiting