Tuesday March 17th

Warm Up:
3 rounds
100m Run
6 Forward Lunges
6 Lateral Lunges
10 Arm Swings/Circles
10 Wrist Circles

5 Rounds:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats 95/65 INT-85/55 BEG-75/45
Home Version-
5 Rounds
2 Minute Run(if 400m is unknown)
15 Air Squats (or Single are DB/KB OHS if available)
–Coaches Notes–
Nancy is a benchmark workout, so for those who have done this workout before you should be able to have a goal in mind. If you haven’t gone through it yet set small goal within the workout. Maybe try to do the 15 OHS unbroken, or for at least half each round, maybe you will try a new weight. If the OHS is something you are working on STAY SUPER LIGHT to work on quality reps, front squats should be a very last resort option. The volume of this workout does add up but it should still take you under 20 minutes, I would say from around 12 to 16 minutes.

Optional Accessory Work:
Option 1:
Push Ups
Try to keep elbows close to your body, not flared out, and lowering all the way down so that your chest hits the ground. If you need to go to your knees that’s fine. Focus on Having your shoulders and hips fall and rise at the same time, no wormy reps.

Option 2:
Russian Twist
3×20 Reps
Unweighted reps for quality

If you have DBs or KBs the “*” movements can be weighted. If equipment is limited then do the workouts as written.
WOD 1:
20 Min EMOM:
*10 Burpees
10 minutes of burpees

WOD 2-
12 Rounds of:
*20 Air Squats (or jumping air squats if you feel fired up)
7 V-ups or Sit Ups
12 Rounds of:
15 Air Squats
7 sit-ups or hollow rocks