Tuesday March 16th

3 Rounds
:45Machine – Easy Pace
:15 Machine – Hard Pace
2 Rounds
5 Inch Worms
15 empty bar deadlifts

We will give you a few minutes to build up to deadlift starting weight

This is supposed to be heavy. start at 70 percent of 1RM increase weight at 4s and 3s
*Immediately after each set of deadlifts, Sprint 10/7 Calories on a machine. Rest 3 minutes and go into your next set

Misfits “Brave New Whirled”
For time
24 bar facing burpees
rest 4:00
18 bar facing burpees
rest 3:00
18 Bar facing burpees
rest 3:00
24 Bar facing burpees

*saw a few 12:30 minute times on this from regional athletes which would be at the faster end of things
*Each set is supposed to fast, really fast, with crossfit open standard being practiced.
*scaling for new athletes would step overs and to decrease the numbers to 20 and 15.