Tuesday June 25th

Don’t forget. We are going to a Threshers Baseball game Saturday Night in Clearwater. Always a good time. Amazing fireworks! Family friendly. $16 a ticket gets you free food and soda. Discounted beer as well. Today is the last day to ask for tickets!!!! Don’t get left out

3 Sets, Increasing Intensity
:30 Echo Bike
10 Barbell Good Mornings
10 Reactive Quarter Squat Jumps

2 Sets
:30 Foam Roll Thoracic Extension
:30 Extended Reverse Plank Bridge
8/8 Quadruped Thoracic Rotations
*click on the movements for demo

3 Sets
1-3 Back Rack Jump to Split
1-3 BTN Press in Split
1-3 Jerk Recovery, Front Foot Step Back First
1 Split Jerk + Recovery
Can add light loads to the specific barbell prep if necessary
*click on the movements for demo video

Split Jerk
Every 2:00 x 6 Sets
Set 1: 2 x 1 Pause Split Jerk + 1 Split Jerk @ 70%
Set 2: 2 x 1 Pause Split Jerk + 1 Split Jerk @ 75%
Set 3: 1 Pause Split Jerk + 1 Split Jerk @ 80%
Set 4: 1 Split Jerk @ 85%
Set 5: 1 Split Jerk @ 85%
Set 6: 1 Split Jerk @ 85%

9:00 EMOM
min 1: 18/13 Calorie Echo Bike
min 2: Max Reps Clean and Jerk 135/95lb, 61/43kg
min 3: Rest

Adjust bike cals so you are putting in about 80 or 90 percent effort on that machine! 15/11 or 12/9 are good choices.

Stimulus: Barbell Cycling and Conditioning

RPE: 8/10

Keep the RPE here to 8/10 with the goal of smooth quick singles on cycling rather than pushing the pace and intensity here with touch and go reps.

Primary Objective: Achieve 10+ Reps on the Barbell
Secondary Objective: Consistency across all sets and get 5+ seconds of rest on the bike minute
Strategy: The goal here is to have the bike be at a pace that is challenging, but not deadly. We want to hit the bike at around 80-85% intensity to allow us 5-10 seconds to walk off and get into the barbell cycling component. The focus shifts here to trying to bring the heart rate down a bit, focus on breathing and hit quality quick singles here about every 4-6 seconds

PRVN Reset

8:00 EMOM, For Completion
Minute 1: :45 Elevated Prayer Stretch
Minute 2: :25/:25 Banded Front Rack Stretch
Minute 3: 90/90 Stretch , (Right Side)
Minute 4: 90/90 Stretch (Left Side)