Tuesday July 9th

“Teamed Up Tuesday”
Warm up-
3 Rounds P1-Runs 200m P2-Single OH KB Hold Then 6 Synchro Push Ups 10 I go You Go Air Squats

Review Wod movements
Find your weights and rowers
Partner Wod 1
500-400-300-200-100m Row Each
P1-Rows P2- Double Front Rack KB Hold 53/35 **5 Burpess For early KB Drop
– It works like this, partner 1 is rowing 500 while partner 2 is holding 2 KB’s in the front rack NOT ON YOUR BACK. If the person holding the KBS has to set them down, both partners stop what they are doing and do 5 burpees.
-When parnter 1 has completed row, partner 2 then needs to complete a 500m row.

Optional wod 2-
Partner bike for 6 minutes. Switch every minute, score it total cals