Tuesday July 9th

6:00 ,For Quality
:20 Forward and Back Line Hops
:20 Side to Side Line Hops
:30 Alternating Active Pigeon Stretch
10 Alternating Skater Jumps
10 Scapular Pull-Ups

Bar Muscle-Up Progressions

“The Long and Short of it”
Every 8:00 minutes, 4 Sets ( 2 @ each station)
Station 1:
800m Run
2 Rounds
7 Bar Muscle-Ups
50 Double Unders
In Remaining Timeā€¦
-Max Echo Bike

Station 2:
30 Alternating Angels Press

2 Rounds
15 Knee to Elbows
50 Double Unders
In Remaining Time..
-Max Echo Bike

Dumbbell Load: 50/35lb, 22.5/15kg
Angles Press = *Single Arm Devils Press
*No Rest between stations

Goal: 100/70 Total Echo Bike Calories

Stimulus: Muscular Endurance and Aerobic Capacity

RPE: 7/10 (rate of perceived exertion)

Primary Objective: Complete each buy-in to the Echo Bike Calories in under 6:00
Secondary Objective: Achieve consistent paces across on the Echo Bike with the goal of completing 25/17 Cals each time you are on the bike

Strategy and Workout Flow: It’s definitely worth noting and paying extra special attention to the fact that there is no rest between 8:00 segments here as this is meant to be a steady state 32:00 AMRAP for calories. Each segment is meant to be done at a strong consistent pace with the goal of staying steady and getting to the bike by about the 6:00 mark of each station. This will allow for consistency on the bike and the ability to stay at a consistent pace. If you go too hard on the Bike, the stations will get more difficult and the buy-ins will definitely creep into your time on the Bike.

PRVN Mobility #10
10/10 Quadruped Adductor Hip Rock (5 sec Pause in Stretch)
1:00 Down Dog Calf Stretch
1:00/1:00 Active Pigeon Stretch (5 sec Pause in Stretch)
1:00/1:00 Couch Stretch