Tuesday July 26th

In teams of 4 (Pair off)
Pair 1- 400m Farmers carry, switch as needed (50s/35s = RX)
Pair 2- Max Burpee Box Jump overs, Switching every 3 reps.

*When the Farmer’s carry pair is finished, switch stations and continue until each pair has
completed each
station once.

AMRAP 25 Minutes in teams of 4, alternating full rounds
6 Burpee Box Jump Overs 30/24″
30′ Sled Push, Heavy as F&%k

Feel: Gas

Pacing: Controlled Send
Target Score: EMOM or Faster (per athlete) Firebreather Score: EMOM or Faster (per athlete)

  • BBJO: Reduce box height before reducing reps. Should not exceed :30 to
    complete each round
  • Sled: If sled is unavailable an extremely heavy farmers carry makes a
    comparable scale but may require additional distance if weight is limited. Alternative would be an
    8/5 calorie bike sprint instead of sled push – something sprintable.

Coach Focus: The team element of today’s work is to ensure a high metabolic output on every single
round. Athletes should be instructed to HAMMER their turn in both movements. We recommend pair
athletes up by fitness level on the box/sled so the logistics are easier.
Additional Notes/Resources: N/A