Tuesday July 22nd


Tuesday July 22nd

Warm up
2 Rounds-
250m row
10 double KB clean and jerk (this is your practice for the wod do not miss it.

As a group, barbell warm up emom
Minute 1- 10 clean grip high pulls
2- 10 Power position power cleans
3- 10 hang power cleans
4-10 Power clean from the follor WITH jerk
5- 10 full squat clean and jerks

Strength- 15 minutes to find max of this complex
Clean complex 2 Power Cleans+ 1 Squat Clean 1 RM

40 Cal Bike
21 Double KB Clean and Jerk 53/35
30 Cal bike
15 Double KB Clean and Jerk
20 Cal Bike
9 Double KB Clean and Jerk