Tuesday January 9th

2 Sets, For Quality:
5 Yoga Push-Ups
10/10 Single Arm Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
:10 Second Ring Support Hold + :10 Second Ring Dip Hold
10 Banded Glute Bridge Marches
5/5 Goblet Crossover Step-Ups

Strength: Bench Press
Every 6:00 minutes for 18:00 minutes, Complete
5 reps
3 reps
1 rep
Set 1: 75-77-80%
Set 2: 77-80-82%
Set 3: 80-82-85%
Percentages are all based on your 1-rep max Bench Press

*For the Bench Press, concentrate on engaging your lats and mid-back. This can be
achieved by visualizing ‘breaking the bar’ and actively pulling it down towards you.
Initiate the movement through your shoulders and mid-back, rather than relying solely
on your chest or pecs as the primary drivers
*being a 9 minute amrap is next we want you to take time to warm up to your deadlift weight.

Handstand Push-Ups (or inverted box push ups, or double DB press)
Deadlifts, 225/155
Step-Down Box Jumps 24/20”

Goal: Be in or have completed the round of 15 reps
Primary Objective: Achieve the most amount of reps
Secondary Objective: Keep each movement unbroken