Tuesday February 7th


Banded Pull Aparts during WB Brief

AMRAP 6 Minutes

10/8 Cal Bike

10 Ring Rows

8 Plate Ground to Overhead 15-25lbs

:15 Handstand Hold


Hollow Hold Progressions

*Enforce strong hollow and arch positions when on the rig for skill work.


AMRAP 1:30 x 4
Max Sets of 5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (that means do 5 drop, do 5 drop and so on, allowing enough time to between the sets of 5 to recover so you can do 5 more)
Rest 2:30

 Scaling: Pick your hardest gymnastics pull.
Chin Over Bar Pull Ups, Banded Pull Ups (can be kipping or strict), Jumping Pull Ups, Toe Assisted Ring Pull Ups, Ring Rows

*HSPU Review
Strict, Kipping, Box HSPU, Strict DB Press

:40 WOD
AMRAP 6 Minutes
24 DB Snatches 50/35lbs
16 Strict HSPU
*these six minute time domains are some of the more difficult workouts to scale to reach the correct stimulus. Db snatches should be unbroken the first round if you want to make this one burn like its supposed to. If you pick too heavy a db you are going to leave here feeling like you didnt do much. On this particular workout we would rather have you go lighter and hitter a faster pace than wasting a minute staring at your db because you cant pick it up.

Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: minimum: 64+ Reps (1+24)

– DB Snatch: DB Weight should allow for 24 unbroken reps when fresh.

– SHSPU: Should not exceed 3 minutes to complete the prescribed work. Reduce reps to

allow athletes to finish them in under 3 minutes or allow your athletes to accumulate reps

for 3:00. Scale with Kipping HSPU, Box HSPU, DB Strict Press.